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Appointment Reminders

Will I get a reminder for my upcoming appointment?

Yes!  We send reminders for physical therapy appointments one day before the scheduled appointment.  For orthopedic and neuro/spine clinic appointments, we send a reminder four days in advance, and again three days in advance if we didn’t get a response or confirmation.

What information will be in the reminder message?

For most reminders made over the phone, you’ll be reminded of the date, time, provider and appointment location. Our SMS text message reminders are usually briefer.  If it were unclear, or if you aren’t sure which location to visit, please give us a call to confirm.

How will I get my appointment reminder?

We attempt to send an SMS text message or a voice phone call to your main phone number.  For appointment reminders that are four days in advance (clinic appointments), if we don’t get a response, we will try again the following day.

Can I cancel or confirm my appointment with the reminder?

Yes!  Whether we remind you with a voice telephone call or send an SMS text message to your mobile phone, you can confirm or cancel your appointment right then.  This feedback helps us adjust our schedules to minimize wait times.

Can you tell me more about the SMS text message reminders? How can I opt out?

Many patients prefer a text message compared to a regular phone call.  You can confirm your appointment by replying YES or cancel your appointment by replying NO.

You can get more information by texting HELP to 622622, by visiting on the web, or by emailing [email protected].

If you prefer, you can opt out of the SMS text messages and receive a voice phone call instead. Text STOP to 622622 to opt out.

Patient Portal and Secure Communication

Why does your practice need my e-mail address?

We’re required by Medicare to provide all patients with a way to electronically access their health record, even if you choose not to use these features. We have two ways to provide this: a patient portal and a patient access API. Both require an email address.

Please keep in mind that your email address is safe with us.

We will NEVER provide your email address to any another organization.

We will NOT send advertisements, emails unrelated to your healthcare, or “spam” messages.

We will ONLY send you email related to your visit, such as the following:

  • “You have an upcoming appointment at…” to remind of you of an upcoming appointment
  • “You have a new health record available…” informing you of new documentation from a visit
  • “You have a new secure message…” indicating a secure message created by a provider or office staff

What is the Patient Portal?

Our patient portal is a secure website with many convenient features. It allows you to view or update parts of your patient record, send questions to our providers and staff, fill out our forms in advance (speeding along your office visit) and request information.

Why can’t we just use email or text?

We are required to securely handle your protected medical information. Sending medical information to you through a text message or email is not an approved, secure method of getting health care information to you.

What is required to use your Patient Portal?

To use our portal, you must have an email address on file with us and have internet access. You aren’t required to give us your email address or use our portal, but the portal offers many convenient features. We never have, and never will, provide your email address to any other parties, or use it to send you unwanted junk mail. It is ONLY used for our portal.

What is the Patient Access API?

Beyond our patient portal, we also have enabled the ability for mobile apps to provide you access to your health information in a safe and secure way through what is called a Patient Access API. However, at this time, we are unaware of any apps or vendors that have been configured to connect to our system. We will update this section of our website when we have more information about specific apps that you can use to access your health information.

Will the portal work on my computer, phone, or other device?

Our portal works well from most web browsers on Windows and Mac computers, mobile phones and tablets.

I received an email inviting me to the portal. Is it real, and is it safe?

We can’t tell you for certain that an email you’ve received is a legitimate invite from our portal. If you have any doubts about the legitimacy of an email invite from us, it is safest to visit our website and follow the “Patient Portal” link from there.

I lost my portal invite email or never received it. Can you resend it?

The invite email is not required to join the portal - it is only sent for convenience. At any time, you can visit our website at, follow the “Patient Portal” link, and create your account.

I forgot my portal user name or password. How can I retrieve it?

There’s a link on the portal login page that reads “I forgot my user name and/or password” that can be used to reset your password or determine your user name.

I received an email about important information waiting for me on the West Virginia OrthoNeuro patient portal, and I’m concerned. Do I need to sign in?

There’s no need to be concerned. If you already use our portal or are interested in using it, then we encourage you to sign in and see what’s available. However, using the portal is optional. We won’t send you critical or time sensitive information through the portal unless we already know you are using it and we have ongoing communication with you through it. If we have critical or time sensitive information, we will call you instead.

When should I expect communications from your portal?

The two most common situations when patients can expect an email about activity on our portal:

  • When you are first registered as a patient in our electronic medical record system OR your email address is entered into our system for the first time
  • When a progress note is finalized in our electronic medical record system, a short period of time after your visit

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